Window & Door Repair and Replace


Window & Door Repair and Replacement

We specialise in the Repair of UPVC, Aluminium Doors and Windows in Co. Limerick, North Kerry and Surrounding Areas.

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 OUR Services

  • Door Handles
  • Door Locks
  • Letter Boxes
  • Window Hinges
  • Window Handles
  • Window Mechanisms
  • Patio Door Repairs
  • Patio Rollers
  • Patio Handles
  • Fogged up Double Glazing
  • UPVC Windows & Doors
  • Aluminum Windows & Doors
  • Replace Single Glaze with Double Glaze Units

HANDLES are broken and won’t allow the window or door to be locked or unlocked easily and a possible cause of security risk.

LOCKING STRIPS containing the main lock is jammed in the open or closed position stopping the window or door from being opened or closed properly and a possible cause of security risk.

HINGES are worn or broken allowing only partial closure of the window or door leading to draughts entering around the side of the frames and a possible cause of security risk.

CLOUDY, MISTY GLASS two panes of glass are bonded together to create a double glazed unit. Over time the seal between the two panes of glass can fail and this will lead to moisture being drawn into the space between them causing condensation.

PATIO DOOR ROLLERS these are sets of wheels located in the bottom of the sliding door frame. Replacement of these can make a patio door that has been very difficult to slide open and closed operate as well as it did when it was new.

30 Years Experience

Our service provides the replacement of broken or

 defective parts on all Windows and Doors.


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